info: EXPO — Power up your world.
— Caring beyond borders.
The Expo is a world event that connects people and donors to causes that affect change on the worlds most pressing social and environmental issues. It happens online and in a week long showcase that brings people and ideas together. Each participating country will identify and present 10 worthy causes to seed in it’s early development. However it’s success and continued support will be determined by actual participation and contribution from the public. Users can also propose their own causes by submitting a request to Expo. Causes will be dynamically updated and in the public actively engaged through live feeds using social media websites and in ways for donors to contribute. Causes will reach on a grass root and global scale in support. The concept is to inspire action in ourselves and others, accelerating innovative solutions. Through caring beyond borders, we strive to empower a new generation.


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techniques: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, FLASH, AS3, MySQL, PHP, Cinema 4D

designer + developer: Sho Rust

school: Art Center College of Design

teacher: La Mer Walker