Hello – I am Sho Rust

Interactive Designer + Developer based in Los Angeles, California.

I create meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling, technology, entertainment and products. During my career as a designer I have worked with some of the most sophisticated brands and icons ( ex: Nike, Google, Samsung, Acura, Intel, United Nations etc… ). Whether working for agencies, production companies or brands directly—coming up with concept and other times helping to evolve the idea’s value and scale through collaboration. I constantly strive to break new ground in everything I do. My work in and out of agencies has earned over 50 awards including: FWA, SXSW, The One Show, The Webby Awards, ADAA and Presidential Scholar. And by doing this, I expect my work to change and evolve – always. Then if what I create has an impact on society through its beauty and ability to communicate, I am happy. And life is good.


I enjoy a highly collaborative process with my clients and partners, which has resulted in work in virtually every medium. Although I am digital minded, I have created and produced integrated digital campaigns, TV commercials, web experiences, online shows, mobile experiences, games, interactive installations, visual identities, print, and products. By having these skillsets, I can collaborate on integrated productions and insure the creative vision is carried through all facets of a project large and small.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As previous co-founder of Rareform – selling internationally and being featured in Forbes . I accelerate my client’s innovation advantage through an entrepreneurial mindset. Combining the speed, agility, perspective and creativity of a start-up with best practice delivery capability, I help my clients to unlock new revenue streams and increase their relevance for a new generation of customers. The core philosophy and foundation of my commerce work is that it should deliver industry leadership for clients.

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