info: While at B-Reel, I designed this helpful site featuring a plumber, electrician, and heating & air guy. A major disruption in how a home operates (no electricity, overflowing toilet, broken air conditioner) causes consumers to feel out of control. All they want is help getting the problem fixed, so they can get on with life. This site enables people to get help (electrical, plumbing or heating & AC) from one of three home service brands in mere seconds. Instead of the boring, cluttered site one might expect for a grudge purchase, visitors are welcomed by three friendly techs whose sole purpose is to help. And they will help with anything. The site allows people to ask questions and receive appropriate video responses in return. By entering their zip code, users can find a service tech in their neighborhood and take advantage of local offers.

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techniques: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, After Effects

link / status: Available online at :

designer: Sho Rust

production company: B-Reel

client: Clockworks